Rory Richards and Associates is a full-service event planning, coordinating and production company. We are able to offer a complete event production package while never compromising on quality. Because we understand quality, we are consummate in our efforts to produce it by overseeing every single aspect of your event.

Corporate Events

External corporate events are all about image and getting results. Rory Richards and Associates can provide a well-coordinated, systematic approach toward the success of any event. With our comprehensive services, Rory Richards and Associates ensures that minute details are addressed and nothing is overlooked.

Internal corporate events can educate, motivate and allow your employees to network with each other.

Private events

Whether it is an elegant dinner for 20, an important meeting with a top client or an opportunity to surprise your sweetheart for their special birthday or anniversary, we are experts at creating memorable events and developing unique themes.

Seasonal Affairs

Executing a smooth theme or seasonal event may seem a bit daunting but never to us. From the most dramatic kinds of parties like Mardi Gras or Halloween to even your most subdued affairs like the getting-down-to-business-business meetings, it’s all about setting the proper tone.

We know exactly how to set the proper tone. We will ask you the right questions to determine your goals and expectations. Once more, we will plan, coordinate and produce your event with the most appropriate theme we can imagine such as: Winter Wonderland, Birthday Carnival, or Red Carpet event. Then, we will take care of every single aspect of your themed event. And, if you should already have a theme, we will make sure it is carried out in detail and within every element of your function, successfully and exquisitely.

Event services:

* A – Z Event design and production
* Concept development and link to importance of creative strategy
* Media relations surrounding your event
* Venue Selection
* Multi-faceted project management

Rory Richards & her associates have access to A list recording talent. And, whether it is a live show or one that relies on recorded material, we will do all the necessary homework. As with all aspects of your event, we will research the options, sample their work, get the best possible costs, and then report it all back to you with our recommendations.

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