Rory Richards and Associates can help your organization or business:

* Create strategies
* Develop partnerships
* Drive results
* Deliver messages
* Improve image
* Make important connections

PR Services:

* Media & public relations
* Press Kits, Press Releases, Web Sites, Creative & Technical Writing
* Advertising Campaigns
* Creative Strategy
* Branding & Concept development
* Strategic planning
* Community networking
* Sponsorship development

We believe that successful PR requires:

* Analysis that generates strategic solutions
* Creativity that delivers messages and not just noise
* Ideas that explore new ground and challenge previous thinking
* Expertise built on experience AND instinct
* In-depth knowledge of both media and marketplace
* Executional excellence and attention to detail

Our Process

First, we spend time learning about your company, your management team, your products, your target markets and, above all, your core value proposition. We aim to become experts in all aspects of our clients’ business and technology.

Planning. We apply our years of broad marketing and PR experience to formulate a PR strategy and develop goal-oriented tactics that will put you on the map.

Execution. We get your company’s name, technologies and market strategy in front of the right mix of editors, analysts, pundits and key influencers. More importantly, we keep you top-of-mind with these crucial audiences.

Because then… your message is conveyed to your customers by their trusted (and therefore most influential) sources.

And, as a result, the buzz begins. People start talking about your company, your services, your viewpoints, and your products. The phone rings, your website gets hits. You get the idea.

This is what we call effective public relations.

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